"Faggot" ― fishydible


fishydible Is a faroese born danish person on discord that plays games & stuff. He is mostly active on 2 platforms like: ROBLOX and Discord. Maybe twitter. His character on roblox is a gold bloxy awards statue With a sword on the back. The name "fishydible" originated from when he was joking about fishy jokes when he said "Where's fishy?" And then the other person responded with "Fishy's dead" in michael P's server. And then he said "I got a name idea." He named himself to "fishydible" and then thats how he got his name. The name fishy originated from fishy's former name "Credible". The name "Credible" Originated from his ROBLOX name. "CredibleRainbowguy". People kept calling him Credible. So he did so call himself even "Credible". He was really hated on eoins server. Fishydible is a fan of Markiplier, And others. He watches all kinds of videos. His first account ROBLOX name was "Bullurin". The name his parents nicknamed him, When he was a young child.

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